Pulley Wheel

A pulley is a circular object, usually fabricated from heavy duty materials, which is used in numerous applications, the most common of which include applying forces or transmitting force, carrying things or guiding belts, chain, and ropes.

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Our Service & Mission

Quality product

Our premium products combine high performance with an ultra-thin design for efficient use in heavy machinery.

Experienced Team

Our highly qualified team of designers, technicians and engineers is deeply involved and collaborative from conception to production to deliver high-quality products.

Global export

We have dedicated customers around the world who rely on our products to keep their operations running smoothly and cost-effectively.

About Us

What We Do

HZPT Pulleys is synonymous with assured customer satisfaction, stringent quality control, and cutting-edge technology use. As a globally renowned manufacturers and suppliers of pulleys, we serve a diverse range of industries. Our pulleys are available in different sizes and configuration for industrial machines. This ranges from lifting, slinging, deviations, line applications, rigging, load management and testing.

Corporate purposes

Maintain the high quality of products, provide customers with innovative, attractive and easy-to-use products, and create higher value for customers.

company culture

We have always adhered to the corporate philosophy and guiding ideology of “strict management of the factory, integrity-based, and quality survival”.

Enterprise’s goal

To quality to market, to management to benefit, to become the industry pioneer.There is no perfect individual, only the perfect team, the same desire, win.

Non-standard customized

According to the drawings or samples provided by customers tailored to produce a variety of pulley, to meet customer requirements, product quality by domestic and foreign customers praise.

Professional technology

The company has strong technical force, a complete quality management system, strict quality inspection methods and perfect testing equipment to ensure that the products leave the factory with high quality.

Service philosophy

Based on customer relationship management, improve marketing channels, optimize service processes, improve support methods, and meet customer needs with high-efficiency services.


V Groove Pulley

These are known for compact design, robustness, corrosion resistance, and durability. We offer light to medium as well as heavy-duty models for varying applications. V Groove Pulley offers excellent efficiency of transmission coupled with low maintenance costs. This product ensures extra retention for efficient use in high RPMs. Made from CI, GCI, SGI groove pulley come with statically balanced and machined designs to offer the smoothest transmissions in operations.

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Flat Pulley

The flat belt pulleys are availed with a molded crown. This helps to place the belt at the center. This also prevents abrasion against the outside flanges and this helps in getting proper support under the middle of the belt. Most of the stress is noticed under the center of the belt. The crown on the belt helps to maintain the belt on that flat belt pulley. Again, in certain cases to place the belt on the flat pulley, this includes a tracking sleeve.


From Our Customer

I highly recommend HZPT Pulleys as an efficient and reliable partner for timely supply and successful industrial growth. Their Taper Cone Pulleys are durable and high quality plant equipments.

Our association with HZPT Pulleys goes back a while. In these 10+ years of dealing with them, there has been little cause for complaint. The staff here is excellent, responsive, prompt and efficient.Belt pulley variety, good quality
Oliver Morton


Other Products

Timing Belt Pulley

Our timing belt pulley is made with teeth or pockets and these are used only for timing. Hence these pulleys are not used for power transmission. These are made of cast iron, aluminum and primarily used in the textile and automobile industries. 

Taper Cone Pulley

Tapered pulleys are dual duty standard metric range pulleys that eliminate the need for skewing and re-drilling. Ideal for use in paper mills, these retaining shafts are easily removable and secure when needed.

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